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The Lamon Company Construction Services takes special care to understand the unique needs of our clients to offer the right, QUALITY service at a fair price.  We do not advertise but instead, depend on referrals from customers and  repeat business from our realtor & investor clients and management companies.  See below how we can help you.

As a residential CONTRACTOR, we serve in all capacities of construction.  Whether you are in need of a new home, a complete remodel, or simply the painting of your home, we can offer you GUARANTEED satisfying results at a fair price.
Property Managers
Because we SPECIALIZE in painting, flooring, trim, and drywall, we are able to complete this work in house, eliminating a middle man and keeping YOUR return in YOUR pocket.  Have a new property to renovate, give us a call and we'll handle the rest.  
Real Estate Agents
We consider agents as important a client as any, and it is our goal to make your job easier, your listings sell, and your customers happy.  With in-house renovation services, we can assure you a fair price and premier quality each and every time.  Consider our Home Update & Reno Service (click for more details)  or Inspection Repair Service.
Commercial Building Tenants & Owners
We are your RELIABLE source for renovations and repairs.  If you are tired of shopping for a FAIR price, allow us to present special unit pricing for interior & exterior painting, flooring, and service calls.  click for more details
Due to the grey nature of retrofitting existing buildings, The Lamon Company, LLC is your contractor.  With vast experience in utilizing existing spaces, creating solutions, and always being transparent with customers, you can feel confident in allowing us to transform your building into exactly what you need for your business. 
Property Owners
The Lamon Company, LLC will work with you on developing your property including preliminary budgeting, rezoning, architectural and civil design, plan review, & other services necessary for the successful development of your property.  Consider The Lamon Company's Developmental Services prior to settling for a cheap offer or low return on your existing real estate.   

As as licensed commercial contractor, The Lamon Company LLC can see your project through to the end, offering premier contracting services from concrete, plumbing, and electrical, to cabinets, countertops, and more.    
Market Geography
As a resident of Albany and formerly from Valdosta, we offer our services from Lee & Doughtery County to Lowndes County and anywhere in between.