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Design-Build Success
   The Lamon Company, LLC takes special care to understand the unique needs of our customers to design and build custom homes while insuring our customers get everything possible within their budget.  

How it works...
Step 1) Browse online or pick one of our recommended floor plans.
Step 2) Allow The Lamon Company to provide you with a free take off & estimate.  We will outline your budgeted costs, clarifying where you can save or splurge based on your home design and budget.  
Step 3) Finalize YOUR options, based on what YOU prefer to have in YOUR home.  
Step 4) At this point, don't worry about your costs, our turn-key construction service establishes a set price for your home based on your selections.  
Step 5) Sit back, relax and get excited about your new home while we begin construction.
Why our unique & simplified process works...
With so many variables in construction, designing and building a home can be very complicated... especially when your costs are unknown.  Once you are finally satisfied with your design, you then have to hope that what you've chosen will stay within your budget.  More often than not, sacrifices are made that could have been avoided having understood the costs during the design phase.  

The Lamon Company, has structured pricing on almost every cost associated with building a home.  Due to having set costs and clear and upfront budgets for our customer, we have no interest in making additional profit on what you want, but instead, insure that you, our customer, is 100% completely satisfied with what you'll get in your new home.

To take a look at our pricing guide along with a sample home quote, call Kurt, at 229-288-4276.